Bankroll Challenge Season 2

We have had Bankroll Challenge events for two times over the last 2 months (Bankroll Challenge Season 1 and Mini Bankroll Challenge).

We hoped many of our players could get the rewards, but fewer numbers than we had expected achieved the goals.

So! We’ve prepared an easier missions with bigger rewards!


TOP 10 High Bankroll Rankers will get various rewards

Ranking will be determined in order of amount of rystals (*minimum VIP points requirement: 5000 pt)

To help users success the challenge, we will give 1.2K Tickets (200 Ticket X 6) on April 16th to the challengers whose VIP Points are over 2,500!

*  You must reach 5,000 VIP Point and hold at least 8,800 ₵rystals to be qualified.


Event Period: 2018.04.02 – 2018.04.30 CST 08:59

Application Period: 2018.03.27 – 2018.04.28

How to apply:

Send your J88poker ID to to start the challenge. (“I want to be a Bankroll Challenger. My J88Poker ID is ______.”)


Challengers will get a challenger’s account and an avatar from April 2nd. (It may take 2-3 days to set an challenge account). Challengers must use the given account for the challenge.


STEP 1: Set your challenge ID’s balance at 8,800. You can transfer 8,800 from your ID to the challenge ID.  (We don’t set the bankroll balance for you!)

STEP 2: We will send you an email with the password of your challenge ID.

STEP 3: All set! Log-in and start your challenge! (Don’t forget to change your password too).



* Final results will be announced on the first week of May.

* After the event, all the remaining VIP Points for level, Gp amounts and amounts will be transferred to your original account.

* J88Poker will frequently announce a real-time ranking on our homepage.

*You will get the corresponding reward based on the result checked on April 30th, at CST 9:00 AM.


* *Note! You may NOT be able to receive your prize and/or all your remaining Crystals if you use transaction functions (transfer, purchase) without our permission after the challenge starts, or do any suspected unlawful, or fraudulent activity. Please refer to our terms and conditions part 6.2 for further information.

**By logging in into J88Poker with your Challenge ID, you agree to be bound by our Terms of Services and the event’s rules. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions, and the rules of the event, then you many not log in with your Challenge ID.