Bankroll Challenge


Event Period: 2018. 02.01 – 2018.02.28 CST 08:59

Application Period: 2018. 01.19 – 2018.02.27

How to apply:

Send your J88poker ID to support@j88poker to start the challenge.


Challengers will get a challenger’s account and an avatar from Feb 1st. (It may take 2-3 days to set a challenge account). Challengers must use the given account for the challenge.


STEP 1: Set your challenge ID’s balance at 10K. You can transfer 10K from your ID to the challenge ID.

STEP 2: When we confirm the balance on your challenge ID (should be exactly 10K), we will send you an email with the password of your challenge ID.

STEP 3: All set! Log-in and start your challenge! (Don’t forget to change your password too).


* Transfer and purchase functions will not work after we confirm your balance at 10K.

* If your balance is under 1K within the event period, you can request to recharge the account balance to 10K. To request, email to with your Challenge ID.

* Final results will be announced on the first week of March.

* After the event, all the remaining VIP Points for level and amounts will be transferred to your original account.

* J88Poker will announce the real-time results frequently on our website.

**There are three step challenge missions. You will get the corresponding reward based on the result checked on Feb 28st, at CST 9:00 AM.