This weekend we hold a special event – Super Burning Sunday.


It was the biggest tournament day of the year! The Main Event ₵3,000,000 was entered with only ₵8,800.

Totally the tournament saw 370 entries. So many strong players participated.


This time the final table consisted of solid players, among them were two J88Poker Team Pros Lim Yohwan and Hong Jinho, who made the final even more exciting.

The chip leader had only 20BB, so winning just one pot could change the situation. Maverick68 took the action and pushed all-in with A♣️6♠️ from the CO position.


The chip leader czyron called from the Button with K♦️Q♦️. The flop 3♦️6♦️Q♥️ favored czyron, however 6♥️ on the turn and 8♦️ on the river gave the pot to the Maverick68.

After that m2vpolu in the UTG push all in 6BB with Q♠️T♣️, Lim Yohwan called with 8♦️8♥️ from the HJ position. It seemed that Lim Yohwan would win, but the river showed T♥️ and the pot went to m2vpolu.

The atmosphere at the table seemed to be cold, Maverick68, got some confidence after his last win and opened to 2,5BB with A♥️9♥️, akddong pushed all in without thinking. Maverick68 worried for some time,

but then decided to call. The flop A♠️9♦️7♦️ made Maverick68 the chip leader.

Because of Maverick68’s fighting spirit and aggressive play the atmosphere at the table became really scary and only Hong Jinho dared to break it.

He opened to 2BB with A♠️K♣️, Maverick68 who was seating right next to him pushed all in.

The other players all folded, but Hong Jinho snap-called. Maverick68 showed A♥️Q♠️.


With Hong Jinho in the lead, Maverick68 seemed to lose the fighting spirit, but unbelievably Q♣️ fell on River, and turned Maverick into the overwhelming chip leader.

After that everyone, being too concerned about Maverivk68, started to play even more tight, while Maverick68’s play was becoming more and more aggressive.

Only Demoningkd managed to survive until heads-up. Maverick68 continued raising aggressively, Demoningkd was playing very tight to keep up.

When A♠️A♦️ arrived, he tried to turn the game around, however, it didn’t work.


No other good hands made him call with J♠️2♣️, and lose to Maverick68’s K♣️8♦️.

Maverick68 became the champion of the Burning Red Monster and got ₵690,000.


Red Series Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/red-series/