Justin for J88Poker!

Justin Shin Metro

Hello everyone, I’m Justin! It is a great pleasure to join J88Poker as a Team Pro.

Poker has just been my hobby since I was young. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to find out that I can also participate in poker tournaments through online while I was watching videos of poker tournaments with my older brother. It was such a shock to me and got me thinking that I might be able to be a poker pro one day. And In 2012, I started playing online poker in earnest.

Then I began to pay attention in live tourneys as well in 2015. Since then, I have been participating in live tournaments mainly and playing online together. And last year, I won my first live tournament trophy at the Metro Card Club, the biggest poker room in Philippines! It was the day I will never forget.

I usually stay in Macau and Manila to play in the live tournaments, and go back to Korea and spend time there when there is no tournament around. As you can see, poker became a big sweet factor that affects my lifestyle.

Again, it really is a great pleasure to work with J88Poker. We will have so many on/offline tournaments, so I hope I can meet as many poker fans as possible. Don’t hesitate to say hi when you see me at tournaments!


Go J88!

justin shin