When there is a Bad beat

Everyone suffers from bad beat at poker tables. This year was especially not a good year for me. There was always a bad beat when it came to the most important time. I’ll just share one of them; it was the last game before the final table, I had 300,000 chips which was the second largest stack and the other poker player who had 400,000 chips was the chip leader. Blind 2000/4000/ ante 500, I had AA and opened 9,000 at UTG. Chip leader bet 3 times to 22,000, so I continued to bet 4 times to 55,000, He called and the flop was K,5,4. I bet 65,000 again and he said all in, so I called. He showed K,Q which had 5 outs. However, the turn and the river cards were 9 and K, and lost by a bad beat. If I had won the pot, I might have been the chip leader and entered the final table. But….at that time, I lost most of my chips and I just had to comfort myself with one sentence: “it’s Poker”.

We may encounter all kinds of bad beat when playing poker. When people encounter bad beats, they usually become disappointed so much and do some bad things such as complaining on their SNSs, breaking some expensive items, or insulting dealers. Professional poker players should not do these. What I want to say is that we should be open-minded people and keep calm, and just analyze the reasons why we made such mistakes and why we were not able to handle the problem better.

So, stop complaining. It cannot make you strong. I like the sentence which one player once said; “We love this game and it’s cruel. If you want to conquer it, you have to work hard. If it is not that difficult and challenging, I guess we will not love it any more.”