1st Bankroll Challenge Results

Event Period: 2018. 02.01 – 2018.02.28 CST 08:59


70 players applied for our 1st bankroll challenge!

3 players completed the advanced mission, and 1 player completed the basic mission.

We also have a surprise for the challengers who were so close to winning.

To appreciate their efforts, we decided to give ₵2,000 tickets to the most hard workers.

Congratulations, all the winners!

Thanks for the efforts, all the challengers!!


All the remaining VIP Points and ₵rystals of challengers have been transferred to the original accounts.

GP has been added to remaining ₵rystals and transferred to the original account.


* We changed all the passwords of challenge account, so challengers are not able to use the given challenge account from now on.

* VIP point progress resets to ‘0’ on the 1st day of each month.

**J88Poker’s VIP Club details 

**1st Bankroll Challenge real-time results 


We will start “Mini Bankroll Event” which of mission is super easier from March 5th.

Anyone can join it! Send your J88poker ID to support@j88poker.com to start “Mini Bankroll Challenge”.