2018 WSOP $3,000 buy-in 6 handed Event

Level 2 Blind 50/100 Starting Chips 15,000


At the beginning, I had a bit more than 18,000 stacks of chips.


Our table was soft overall, but there was one grandfather that I targeted.

It is important to know the play style of each person in the seating sequence of 1 to 6 or to 10th position in my table.


Whether or not he/she was tight or aggressive, what kind of hand value and open hands were coming out and so on.


First, I try to understand the tendency of the people sitting at the table, measure my hand value accordingly, adjust my pot hand to a strong hand, or make the value bet as big as possible with my middle pair.


For 6 hand, used somewhat wider in hand value or range overall than the 9 ring or 10 ring.

Although, it is hard to see the preflop all-in game with JJ QQ in the 10 ring, situation of all-in depends on one’s position does happen a lot in 6 hand.

Everybody in front of me folded, I , at the button position, opened 275 while holding JJ.

The grandfather (my target), who is very loose with an any hand call, calls in a small blind, and calls a big blind. 3way.


Flop J, 10, 3, sb check, bb check, I bet 450.

I was in a situation where I hit the top set, there was no flush in the flap, and I had a position, so it was such a good flop situation.

In such a situation, throwing a trick check back, hiding strong hand, making a call to the river with one opponent, or letting opponent make two pairs, etc. to make a pot bigger.

However, I decided to raise the pot from the flop because I knew that SB loose one would call either for a set with a pocket or for a straight draw or a two pairs with one pair.


SB called as expected, BB unexpected 1,500 re-raise bet.

If I 3 bet there, there was a chance that BB might give up the pot unless he had 1010, 33.

BB’s stacks were a little over 5,000, and SB that I was targeting for had a deep stacks of around 20,000.  I just called because I wanted to attract SB like myself. When I called, so did SB.


Turn: Q

The turn hand was not that bad for the card itself, but it was not a good situation for me as long as the BB had check-raised the flop.

If a set or gut shot QK were the BB’s hand, it would had been a good enough hand value that he wouldn’t had to pump up the pot size by check raise. His style seemed not that kind of player.


SB checked, BB did all-in 5,300 stacks, I re-raised to 11,000, SB called.

The moment SB called it, I felt wrong. It was highly likely that SB was the one with such hand as 89, K9 or 10 set, not AK.

A hand that could call a re-raise after a turn-all-in looked tough unless if they were a straight or a set. I held my breath and waited, hoping the full house would be completed in River.


River: K

The worst hand came out.

Board: J, 10, 3, Q, K and became a one hand straight board.

If he were having Ace or 9, it would be a straight and my flop set would be meaningless.

My remaining stack was a bit over 5,000, and the main pot was 21,000 and the side pot was over 11,000.  It was a situation if SB made all-in first, I had no choice but fold. SB just checked… The moment SB a loose aggressive checks, I realized that his hand was either two pairs or 9 straight.   So to speak, I was sure he had no Ace.


As a result, I made all-in to get the side-pot even with the worst case.

Uncle SB folded while showing 8, 9 with a very angry look.  He had already made a straight on the turn but I was the first raiser to be able to come out with an AK, so he would be conscious of me and call himself.


Seeing the highest straight board if river card is A, calling it with a second straight would be difficult.  That was why he didn’t call with leftover 5,000 chips even though he committed the high pot. Short stack’s hand, which was already all-in on the turn, was a JQ two pair, so I could get a huge pot with a set hand from the one hand straight board.


Mr. Small Blind, who folded a straight hand, was shocked when he saw my hand and left the stadium with a strange hand all-in.  Having the strongest hand under the pot commit situation but unable to call the small amount of chips due to my bluffing, How frustrating he felt…  

Sometimes I have to bluff, even though my hands are really powerful.