2019 Bankroll Challenge

2019 Bankroll Challenge

Event Period: 2019.09.30 – 2019.10.25 CST 23:59 

(You can also participate in the middle of event)




Bankroll Challenge event is Back! We hope many of our players get rewards and enjoy it!

Also, to ensure you don’t get bored while waiting for the event, we offer a ticket reward to those who attended the event early.

We look forward to your involvement. [Refer to Reward Table]


How to apply:

Fill in the form and submit via >>> http://bit.ly/2019bankroll   

Challengers will get a challenger’s account and an avatar from September 20th. (It may take 2-3 days to set a challenge account). Challengers must use the given account for the challenge. 


STEP 1: Set your challenge ID’s balance at ₵10000. You can transfer ₵10000  from your ID to the challenge ID.

STEP 2: When we confirm the balance on your challenge ID (should be exactly ₵10000), we will send you an email with the password of your challenge ID.

STEP 3: All set! Log-in and start your challenge! (Don’t forget to change your password too).


Reward Table

1 step 2 step 3 step
Mission 1. Reach 3,000 VIP Points 1. ₵10K -> ₵16K

2. Reach 8,800 VIP Points

1. ₵10k->₵32k

2. Reach 30,000 VIP Points

Reward 2.2K ticket X 1 8.8K ticket X 1 8.8K Ticket X1

5.5K Ticket X1


Early Bird Rewards 500 ticket X1: Applicants who apply the event until 25th September 23:59 (CST) (Ticket validity: -2019.10.1 )

The final winner of passing 3 steps will be rewarded with one J88 Championship Main Event Ticket.



* Transfer and purchase functions will not work after we confirm your balance at ₵10000

* If your balance is under 1000 within the event period, you can request to recharge the account balance to ₵10000.

  To request, email to support@j88poker.com with your Challenge ID.

* When you log-in with the Event ID, We regard as you agree with Terms and Condition of J88poker (If you do not agree with it, you cannot participate in this event.)

* After the event, all the remaining VIP Points for level and Crystal(₵) amounts will be transferred to your original account.

* On everyday CST 11:00 AM, J88Poker will announce a real-time ranking to our webpage.

* There are three-step challenge missions. You will get the corresponding reward based on the result checked on October 25th, at CST 23:59 AM.

* The rewards will not be received accumulate, except J88PTChampionship Main Event Ticket. 

* J88PTChampionship Main Event Ticket is not available for resale and transfer.

* Users participating in the event should play at least 3 times a week.

* Violation the regulations,

  • Crystal Trading, Dumping, Tournament Participation: Crystal Retrieval
  • Play before event with event ID: VP escalation and crystal reset request after warning
  • Users who have not played more than 3 times in a week: Achievement reward cannot be paid 

* If you have questions, please send an email to support@j88poker.com