This Sunday J88Poker held a huge guaranteed tournament – Ultra Red 1,200,000!

Do you know who won it?

Dontknow! It’s a nickname 😉


It was an exciting fight, let us tell you a bit about it.


So, right after the final table started UTG Seabiscuit pushed all in and CO Dontknow a little bit overplayed re-raising all-in with 3♥️3♠️.

After the fight his big stack went really low, so he had to push at some point, which happened a few hands later when in UTG position with 4BB left he went all-in with K♠️T♦️.


He got a call from the same player Seabiscuit on the button with A♣️3♣️, but this time Dontknow hit a K and won with a pair.

Usually people are playing tight at the final table, however, Dontknow chose an aggressive style that brought him to the final 3.

Then he eliminated already well-known Seabiscuit from the USA at the 3rd place and started heads-up against f4n665.

It was a close fight, but then f4n665 pushed all-in with T♣️9♠️ and got a call with 7♦️7♠️. Flop Q♣️7♥️3♦️ brought ‘Dontknow’ a set of 7s and almost the win.


However, turn J♦️ gave a straight draw to f4n665 together with a hope, that was taken away by the river J♠️.

Full House gave Dontknow the certain win and 324,480 of the prize pool.


The next 1,200,000 tournaments will be held this Sunday. See you there~ Maybe next time you’ll be the hero of the story 😉


Red Series Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/red-series/