Health & Winter

I’ve been busy as a bee these days.

Playing online games, getting ready for the live events that are coming soon and such.


I mean, I did this for so many times during last 7 years as a poker pro, but I just can’t understand why there are always so many things to do every time. Lol.


It seems like I will have a pretty busy winter this year.

I’m going to participate in the Sun City Cup from November 23rd, head to Prague right away as soon as the Sun City Cup ends in early December, and play in Pokerstars Championship.

Well, I guess I will be in abroad until the end of this year.


I really feel like the live events are all about stamina. If I don’t exercise regularly and build up my physical strength, I can’t function up to my full potential as I can’t concentrate enough during the tournaments.


I hope you too take good care of health and happy holidays in good condition.


I will also do my best to get good results in the live events and upload a happy news here next time!