Asia Open Poker Tour

I am in Korea now. The temperature in Korea now is 1°C and it is very cold for me.


The venue at Paradise City Incheon was so big and great, and the dealers were  nice,too.

The only regret is that it is far from the center of the city.


The organizer of this tournament is Japan’s JOPT.

All the PokerStars tournaments in Japan is hosted by JOPT.


This tournament is surprisingly successful.

Nearly 300 people participated in the main event Day1A.


The best part was that someone followed me if I overbet with my best hand.

I went on Day2 smoothly with just slightly more chips than average.


Yesterday I was busy all day, so I couldn’t stand it any longer.


I will go back home and recharge and prepare for the day 2 that goes on tomorrow.