BAD BEAT JACKPOT was hit on October 8th!

J88Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot was hit on October 8th.


₵11,683 Jackpot prize was distributed to six users who were playing at the 100/200 table. KoeSoyh won the Bad Beat Jackpot and got ₵5,842, and the winner of the hand, pluto got ₵2,921 as Jackpot prize.

The other lucky players – alucard, MrClowny, ik4rus and ALLGAMEPROF – who happened to be playing at the same table with the winners also shared the joy of getting 730.







J◆J♥ – Full House A’s and J’s



Q♣Q♠ – Full House A’s and Q’s



5♥5♠ – Full House A’s and 5’s



4♠6♣ – Full House A’s and 6’s



K♣7♠ –  Full House A’s and 7’s



4♣K♥  – Three of a Kind