Bankroll Challenge – First Week Story

67 players applied for the bankroll challenge until now.

Let’s see what interesting stories happened during the first week of the challenge.


* Check out the whole status:


1. “Overcoming the difficulty” story of Challege046 (dream)


Challenge046 (dream) started the challenge from the first day, Feb 1st, and made the balance from ₵10,000 to ₵16,672 in a single day. After that, he lost a lot, but joined 2 tournaments and made good results. He joined Red Hot 88,000 gtd tournament (buy- in 1000) and received a 6,836 prize (5th place) on Feb 3rd. Also, he joined Omarvel 50,000 gtd tournament (buy-in 1000) and received a 8,000 prize (3rd place) on Feb 4th, so he made his bankroll to 16,783 on Feb 4th. However, he did not made in the money for two tournaments he joined on Feb 5th, and lost a lot in ring game tables. His balance fell to 1,818 and encountered crisis.


In this state, he decided to try tournaments again. He invested 1500 for joining Omarvel 20,000 gtd tournament and Red Hot 50,000 gtd tournament on Feb 6th and made good results again. He received 13,000 in a day and his current balance is 11,165. Also, he reached 15,124 VIP Points already. He would succeed the challenge by making bold investments to big tournaments, and  accumulating VIP points by playing ring games.


There are some challengers who lost a lot during the challenge. However, you don’t need to frustrated. Watch Challenge046, and never give up!

2. The high rankers


Challenge013 (Changchen), Challenge056 (Q1771673030), and Challenge062 (lucifff520bj) are showing a steady growth. Challenge013 and Challenge056 have piled up their bankroll from the first day of the event. Without depending on tournament prize, they genuinely collect crystals by playing ring games. Challene013 is currently the 1st place of the challenge by collecting up to 47,576, and Challenge056 is in the 3rd place of the total crystal ranking with 32,776. As both of the players’ bankroll are way over ₵20,000 which challengers need to collect upto to win the challenge, if these players can maintain the crystals amount and collect VIP points, it doesn’t seem hard for them to succeed the missions.


Besides, Challenge062, the current 2nd place, has just started the challene from Feb 5th. Incredibly, Challenge062 doubled up in one day, and made the bankroll of ₵35,561. As showing a speedy uptrend, Challenge062’s result is fully expected.