Bankroll Challenge just started!

56 players applied for the bankroll challenge!

J88poker Team Pro, VivianIm (Challenge034), Justin Shin (Challenge031), JinTian(Challenge040) also joined the challenge, so at least you have three familiar companions!

Also, famous BJs including Luoluo(Challenge026), Chrisbaby(Challenge000), Xiaofeixia(Challenge001) of Yiqipoker, the biggest poker streaming media in China, are joining the challenge! They will stream their challenge story on every week.

Here’s our challengers list:

(You can still apply for the challenge! Send your J88poker ID to to start the challenge!)



Challenge ID Original ID
Challenge000 Kaela0504
Challenge001 KINGKONG
Challenge002 Humbahumba
Challenge003 jclip
Challenge004 whatispoker
Challenge005 smileface
Challenge006 pokerpang
Challenge007 dada
Challenge008 RRRRRRRRR
Challenge009 rooki
Challenge010 BadBaby
Challenge011 450211199312
Challenge012 black92
Challenge013 Changchen
Challenge014 waterman
Challenge015 dekula221
Challenge016 hugang0120
Challenge017 amy6669
Challenge018 zoy1104
Challenge019 badwolf
Challenge020 JokerJoker
Challenge021 rain
Challenge022 yqpj
Challenge023 charlie1
Challenge024 tyler
Challenge025 charles6072
Challenge026 luoluo
Challenge027 remus
Challenge028 Godfather
Challenge029 fisher
Challenge030 Blissey
Challenge031 JustinShin
Challenge032 wanglei
Challenge033 nadiya
Challenge034 VivianIM
Challenge035 songja
Challenge036 MISSchen
Challenge037 Ding
Challenge038 Cindy
Challenge039 liiu
Challenge040 Today
Challenge041 sahabun55
Challenge042 Shanti
Challenge043 xuan
Challenge044 busu
Challenge045 barbie
Challenge046 dream
Challenge047 44Man
Challenge048 wangO
Challenge049 oui88888
Challenge050 LiWei
Challenge051 juja3
Challenge052 Wangli
Challenge053 hwalyongjin
Challenge054 BIANHUA
Challenge055 colorfur

We will update the real time results frequently on our website!

Also, after the challenge is over, the remaining balance and the VIP points will be transferred to your original ID.


Wish you the best, Challengers!


* Note! You may NOT be able to receive your prize if you use transaction functions (transfer, purchase) without our permission after the challenge starts, or do any suspected unlawful, or fraudulent activity. Please refer to our terms and conditions part 6.2 for further information.