Bankroll Challenge, who will be the winner?

It’s been 2 weeks since the Bankroll Challenge Season 2 has started, and 28 players have applied to start the challenge.

With 2 weeks to go, what happened until now?


Mission is as follows: a player  send an email to J88poker to join the event. Then, J88poker will give challenge account. Challenge set the balance to 8800, and play J88poker! TOP 10 High Bankroll Rankers based on the result checked on April 30th, at CST 9:00, will get various rewards!


♠Fierce competition♠


Challenge211 (ironhead) – ironhead is in the second rank now. He also applied “Mini Bankroll Challenge” last month, and accomplished the intermediate mission just one day before the deadline of the event. He got 5,000 Crystals and 5000 value tickets as reward. He is doing well in this event, steadily stacking his bankroll up. His bankroll is trebled just in 4 days, and collected 5,000 VIP Points in 7 days. Can he win the first prize at the end this time once again?


Challenge225 (fawin)–  fawin started the challenge on April 7th, and  is stacking his bankroll up in stupendous force. He loves MTT, so he joined tournaments 42 times in 10 days, and made in the money for 5 times, and got prize of more than 75,000!


Challenge228 (xiaome) – xiaome is the challenger who started the challenge yesterday, April 16th. But, he made his bankroll up to 50,000 in just ONE DAY. This is the most remarkable challenger!


◆Last chance to be a winner◆


Opposite to high rankers, some challengers lost most of the bankroll, and seem to give up the challenge. But, J88poker gave them the last chance to stand up again. (Because we are cool.)

To help users success the challenge, J88poker gave 1.2k tickets (₵200 ticket X6) on April 16th to the challengers whose VIP Points are over 2,500!

Hope many of our challengers could success the challenge.




♥Apply Now♥

It’s not late! send you J88poker ID to to start the challenge!