Beijing Poker Cup

I joined Beijing Poker Cup main event this time, and advanced to the final table.

It was 2 years ago I had advanced lastly to the final table in the live tournament held in Beijing. There were about 1100 participants which is hugh number. How did I make the result? Here’s the process.


All the participants were divided into 5 groups. It was rebuy tournament, so that I decided to play in the last group not to make rebuy a lot. Fortunatelly, I didn’t make rebuy, and suceeded to advance to the Day 2 with healthy stacks of 160k.


In Day 2, I was in the same table with 2 chip leaders. I had played with one of them in the same table in Day 1, so I knew that he is loose player. So I played more carefully against him.


108 players could get prize, and I made all-in with 25BB just before the bubble stage. Small blind called to all-in with 15BB. I had AK, and he showed TT. But, I lost to him, and only 10BB left. I didn’t give up, and waited for the good chance. I made in the money a short time later, and had about 20BB. I got KK in the small blind position, and UTG seemed not to believe me because he lost to my bluff in the first hand. So, I planed to play not too fast. I checked in the flop, and waited him to make an action. He made all-in with A-high, and I got a big pot. After the hand, I won several big pots, and made my stacks to 800k.


In the last level, I lost to set 9 with JJ, and lot a lot of chips. I had only 12BB, and advanced to Day 3. There were 32 players still left.


In the early stage of Day 3, I got 66, and my stacks got heathy again. 3 hours left, I advanced to the final table! It was all very complex, and I really wanted to be a champion. I knew that I need to cal down and be cautios not to make any mistakes. But, when 7 players left, I felt nervous because I had the least stack.


I made all-in with JQ, CO called to all-in. This is the final hand.

<Final Hand>

I went all-in in Hijack position, and CO called.

JinTian: Q♣J♣

CO: 9♣9♥

Board: 6♠A♣2◆8♣5◆

Sadly, I finished in the 7th place in the tournament. I regret that I was impatient.


Anyway, there is no plan to join live tournament for a while, so I will play J88poker more often. I will wait for you guys in the table!