Blissey’s Game Journey with J88Poker!


Let’s see how Blissey made his bankroll up to ₵170,000!



[Interview with Blissey]



Q What made you come across J88poker?

I got to know J88poker through Yiqipoker. After watching a BJ broadcast, I applied for J88 Poker ID and entered Promo Code.


Q What is your secret of making bank-roll up to 170,000 crystals from zero?

(1) Participating J88poker’s events such as Bank-roll challenge, Flash ranking, SNS sharing, and so on actively. Each event has a lot of bonus & more over I can enhance my skill via competition. Just doing that makes me happy!

(2) Marking & classifying for other users’ play style to play against them. Using different strategies at different stages of a tournament. Paying attention to dynamic messages on the table. In ring games, I carefully manage my bankroll, select a blind(room) that fits my seat, and set the game time and time of rest.


Q You’ve experienced a decline time to time. What was the secret to overcome?

Any one can face a downturn. World class top players are not the exception either. After clearly accepting this fact, we must maintain a calm and optimistic attitude. We need to refresh ourselves by exercising or hanging out with friends. Upgrading poker skills via reading, thinking, and reflecting yourself is also recommended. Once the downturn passes you by a light of hope will naturally emerge.


Q What do think of J88Poker’s merits?

(1) You can compete against global users because it is a global platform with a lot of growth potential.

(2) Many types of games and various buy-in amounts are there such as MTT (Satellite, Flash, Revive and On Toner, Freeroll), ring games, Omaha, ofc and more.

(3) The game screen is stylish, simple, and beautiful. Various setting functions such as betting scale, chip quantity and BB conversion, handstory, hot key, user notation are also good.


J88Poker will support Blissey forever!