I participated in the live poker tournament “BPC” and “NCBP” in this October.


I think the advantage of the BPC that I felt was the good structure.


Starting chip was 50,000. Blind up of Day1 was 60 minutes, Day2 was 75 minutes and Day3 was 120 minutes. The speed of the tournament was slow and the game was easy to play.


I will introduce my lucky hand that eliminated my opponent on Day 1.

Blind was 150/300


I opened 800 in UTG+1 position with hand ‘8♣Q ♣’ , and players in CO, SB and BB positions all called.


Flop K♣4♣T♣

SB bet 1,300, BB folded, I raised to 3,500, CO folded, SB 3-bet 9,000, and I called.


Turn A♦

SB bet 15,000, I was all-in 35,000, and SB called.


Show down.


River A♣

Hand of SB was ‘5♣6♣’, and I won with higher flush.


So I went to Day2 with 160,000chips.


After Day2 started, I was “Heads up” with ALEX. ALEX is a famous poker player from Singapore.


I opened the 1,800 with my ‘A♦K♦’ in CO position and ALEX 3-bet to 5500 in Button position. I 4-bet to 19,000 and ALEX called.



ALEX and I both checked.


Turn J♣

I bet 25,000 and ALEX called.


River Q♦

I checked and  ALEX bet 40,000.


ALEX is a good and loose player and has a wide hand range. I just called because I wanted to control the pot.

His hand was ‘6♠7♠’ and I lost a lot of chips.


After that, I was all-in 25,000 with Poket 8 hand and Button called with hands ‘KJ’. Unfortunately, flop was ‘KJ4’ and I ended the BPC on Day 2.

At the Main Event of NCBP, I went to in the money and bust out of 60th place.


There was an interesting hand during the tournament.


My hand was ‘A♣4♣’ and flop was ‘7♣8♣10♦’.


One player bet first, and then the other player called. I was all-in and both player covered me. It didn’t go show down and the play was going on. But river was not a club. The dealer asked for a showdown when I woke up to give up because I didn’t make any pair even.


But, when my hand showed down, the other two players both mucked their hands.


Wow! I nearly tripled my chips with A High. I was very happy.

From now on, I plan to participate in the VPL and OPC tournaments, but the most expected one is J88PT Taiwan.


Are you guys all ready?

I am waiting for you guys at the ‘J88PT Taiwan’ on December 12th!