Cherry Blossom

I love cherry blossom so much that I always go cherry-blossom viewing every year.

We have beautiful places here in Korea but I went to Fukuoka Japan to see cherry blossoms and to enjoy hot spring as well.

As the peak bloom period of Fukuoka’s cherry blossom is very short that being there at a right time is essential. Fortunately, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and I was able to enjoy them as much as I wanted to.

After the viewing, I went off to Yufuin where I enjoyed bathing in hot springs in a Ryokan located deep in a tranquil mountain, and walking through woods. I could not be fresher.

I had been suffering from all the micro dust, but I felt like I became healthy as I spent a few days in the mountain.

I’ve got nothing to envy in this world as I enjoyed an all-day bathing and eating beautiful Kaiseki in the Ryokan.

I often do bathing in home, but natural hot springs are just the best…