Crazy bubble time in BPT


Five days of tournament in Macau has ended. I made in-the-money in the BPT main event, but sadly, didn’t achieved the better result. However, there was an interesting episode. Its bubble stage was so huge that it was the largest in Asia. The reason is that there are two different types of prize in this tournament; play money prize and real money prize. And consequently, as much as the highest 300 players got to get prize. So when there are 304 players left, all the players had to synchronize the table speed. Imagine how long it would take to make more than 30 tables go in the same speed! It took almost 10 to 15 minutes for almost every turn.

When the 301 people left, I was in the big blind. CO did all-in and I hoped he has one Ace card. I decided to call to all-in, and showed card. I had AQ, and CO had KQ, which is good for me! I won the game, and the bubble time ended. There was no bad run, and no mistake.

My next schedule for the live tournament is WPT Sanya in mid-November. Justin Shin will also participate in this tournament, so I’m very happy for that. Also, there are lots of tournaments ongoing in J88poker. I hope to meet you guys in the table!