Last Sunday, as always J88Poker held the biggest tournament of the week

– Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD.

171 players attended the event that boosted the prize pool up to ₵1,368,000!


The final table ended quite quickly, unlike any other time. No one could stop deeplone who had a huge stack right from the start. No. 1 tight player, fivestress opened with A♦T♠ in UTG position.

Deeplone in HJ pushed all-in with Q♠Q♣. Going through agony Fivestress made a call, the board showed 4♣5♣T♣4♥7♦ and marked the beginning of the deeplone’s victory.

All the players besides deeplone were short of chips, so the things were happening really fast. The last players left were Kangaskhan27, triplleseven and deeplone.


Deeplone was so far ahead that he would be leading even if the other players’ chips were combined. Deeplone pushed all-in with 8♣7♥, and triplleseven called with A♣K♥, Flop 3♣Q♣7♥ gave a pair to deeplone,

but then A♦ showed turning it to the triplleseven favor, however it didn’t help him to win the hand as another 7♣ arrived on the river, and made deeplone the overwhelming chip leader.


Fighting spirit remained with deeplone until the end.

When Kangaskhan27 went all-in with A♠9♦, deeplone called with K♦7♦, and won with a pair of 7s.


Deeplone was crowned as the Champion of Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD, the highest guaranteed tournament of the week,

and got ₵355,680 as of the first place prize.


Congratulations to the Champion~


Red Series Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/red-series/