Do you like bluffing?

I’m sure anyone who have played poker have bluffing experience.

No one would understand the thrill that I would feel when I make my opponent’s good hand with my bluff but just ones who have felt the feeling before.

It’s not about my hands. It’s the moment when my bluff works perfectly as my reading based on the opponent’s hand and its correlation with the flop that gives me the sense of accomplishment.


However, in tournaments, you get a lot of regretful moments due to bluffs.

It would be great if I get lucky or I meet good board and can go to show down phase with real hand. But in more cases, you don’t make anything, or can’t take pots because your opponent does not have anything good.

You can earn another chance to play if you make a rebuy even if your bluff get caught in ring games, but you really have to be careful while playing tournaments because one bluff can just end everything.

I, also, have run deep by taking a huge pot with a bluff, and have been eliminated by bluffing.

There was a topical hand in 2018 PokerStars Montecarlo main event final table; a player, Gyorgyi, made a huge bluff with a 72 off-suited. He joined the tournament with just 5 Euros through a satellite. Cut off (Jozonis) opened with AK, and Gyorgyi who was in small blind made a 3-bet and an all-in bluff in flop and turn which had nothing to do with his hand. What’s more, Jozonis had a bigger stack.

Jozonis folded his AK nut flush draw after a long hesitation, but I personally think this bluff was a bad idea. Sure, this guy’s bluff worked and he went up to 5th place, but it was very risky play.

Of course the probability of hitting a flush in a flop with two hole cards. But if you consider opponent’s hand value, there is a great chance that Jozonis might have hands that would outplay mine such as AJ dd, 10 10, 9 9, AQ, and etc. Also, it would have been a tragedy for Gyorgyi if Jozonis decided to call his all-in.

There is no correct answer in poker, but I’m sure that it could have been a very hurtful hand story that would hunt Gyorgyi for a long time if he lost as Jozonis called.

Well. Sometimes you need bold gamble. Of course bluffing is essential…

What would you do if you were in the Gyorgyi’s situation?