J88Poker gives away ₵88,000 and a Premium Nick to their Supporters.












A newly launching poker game ‘J88Poker’ holds the Closed Beta Test (CBT) event just before opening.

‘J88Poker’ which provides various tournaments, freeroll, and high rakeback benefits will be launched 25th, October. The CBT events will be used for getting various opinions of users and giving users the opportunity to get big gifts and premium nickname. All the first 88 applicants can get tournament tickets worth 880, and the hard workers can get the biggest prize, 88,000 valued tournament tickets.


1st – 8th place: Tournament tickets worth 88,000

9th – 28th place: Tournament tickets worth 33,000

29th – 58th place: Tournament tickets worth 11,000 

59th – 88th place: Tournament tickets worth 8,800


The CBT event will be held from October 11th to 22th. Users can apply the event by sending their name and email address to support@j88poker.com. Setup file and guides will be sent to the first 88 applicants. Details can be found on J88Poker’s Website as well as its Facebook and Weibo.


“J88 Poker” is a play money based online poker game that provides a wide range tournaments from freerolls to big buy-in tournaments for users at all levels and fascinating promotions for new users to settle in J88 Poker with fast level-ups. Specifically, at the time of launching, J88 Poker will offer big promotions such as ‘Happy Hour’ that help users boost their levels fast and get higher rakeback percentages from the beginning.


Further, “J88 Poker” also plans to hold off-line live tournaments in 2018 that it is on the path to becoming a ‘one stop solution’ for poker players to fulfill all their poker needs. Users might as well want to accomplish high levels as the company officials said “We are not sure about the details, but there may be much benefits to our VIP users for our offline events.


J88Poker will service 4 types of poker games including NL Texas Hold’em, PL Omaha, Open Face Chinese Poker, and Badugi at the beginning. In addition, it is planning to make new type of poker game with entertaining elements in 2018.  CEO of J88ENT stated that “We are preparing a new game which follows the basic rules of traditional poker but contains very novel elements that will open a new horizon in the field of poker game. So please look forward to it.”


Source: http://www.dzpk.com/game/dpnews/2017-0927-28979.html