Have you ever made a Royal Straight Flush?

I had never made it both online and during live tournament. The possibility to make a Royal Straight Flush is so low. I had played millions of hands until now, but had not been able to make it once nor been even get to see someone making it in my table.


BUT! Recently I met a Royal Straight Flush two times. Once, it was in the live tournament table. I made an AK Full House, and the opponent was holding J10 and made a Royal Straight Flush! I lost a big pot. It was ridiculous to meet such a rare chance and I was so upset about losing it, but it became one of funny episodes now.

Besides, I also saw my opponent making a Royal Straight Flush in J88Poker while I was playing OFC!

royal flush_edit

It’s amazing to see it in a row as I had never seen it for 10 years. Of course it could have been better if I was the one who made it. Well, I will get lucky someday.