Famous Taiwanese poker player LINCHEN’AN signed a team pro contract with J88Poker!

On August 2nd, J88 poker signed a contract with Taiwan’s famous poker player LINCHEN’AN as a team player.


Having had a good relationship with J88Poker so far, he readily accepted the offer as a J88Poker team player.

His reputation and ability as a professional player are so famous that there is no need to explain in Taiwan.


We are very pleased that LINCHEN’AN has joined in J88Poker team.


The anecdote of LINCHEN’AN becoming a professional poker player is as follows.


Born in Taiwan, LINCHEN’AN liked playing card games with friends from a young age.

One day, after hearing from his friend that he had bought a house in Taiwan with a prize money of a live tournament, LINCHEN’AN decided to become a professional poker player.


After practicing poker for three months, he went to Macau to participate in a live tournament.

He finished third in his first ever live tournament and won $7,000.


Three months later, he won his first ever championship trophy in a live tournament in Macau again.

He earned $15,000 HKD in his first year of live tournaments.


In recent years, he has performed well in competitions such as MPC, APPT, WSOP and Las Vegas.

It is a story that reveals his talents and natural abilities.


Let’s look forward to LINCHEN’AN writing a myth with J88 Poker!



LINCHEN’AN’s excellent results in live tournaments.


2009 MPC 3,000 NLH 1st.

2010 MPC 1,500 NLH 1st.

2011 APPT MACAU 6,000 NLH 1st.

2014 MPC 20,000 NLH 1st.

2015 MPC 20,000 NLH 6th.

2015 ACOP 3,000 NLH 2nd.

2015 WSOP 2,500 NLH 25th.

2016 EPT12 Monte Carlo High Roller 3rd.

2016 APPT10 MANILA Deep Stack 1st.

2016 APPT10 SEOUL Deep Stack 5th.

2016 APPT10 MACAU 3,000 NLH  3rd.

2016 MPC KO Bounty 2nd.

2017 MPC Bubble Rush 2nd.

2017 MPC HKD$1,500 NLH 1st.

2018 Macau Millions Main Event 1st.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ang.lin.180