New online series J88PT Millionaire kicked off on December 1st. With ₵10 Million guarantee and 893 entries, it turned out to be the biggest event ever held at J88Poker.

A lot of high skilled players joined the tournament that made the competition really tensed. The first big pot of the final table appeared when yeah111 pushed all in from HJ position with J♣7♣.


He got a snap call from lcucicu, who was holding A♥Q♥. As A♦ arrived on the flop, the pot went straight to lcucicu. As the blinds were raising significantly, low-stack players were quickly falling apart, until there were four players, yeyebeen, lcucicu, Giannis88 and ggzzang. Four players stayed even, however yeyebeen decided to steal the big pot. He opened to 2.5BB from CO, lcucicu re-raised all in. Yeyebeen called fast and showed Q♣T♣, lcucicu had 5♣5♦.


Flop 3♣T♥J♠ gave a considerable advantage to yeyebeen. Turn A♥, river 7♠ didn’t change the situation and unfortunately lcucicu had to leave the table. The atmosphere at the table became more intense as there were only three players left. These three players went so far that no one wanted to step back. However soon one had to drop out. Ggzzang opened. Giannis88 called with all the chips he had left, and yeyebeen also called.

Flop T♥3♠T♣, both players checked, another T♠ fell on the turn. It seemed that both players had nothing as they just called once again.

River showed the last T♦, and now that there were four of a kind on the board it was all about the kicker. Yeyebeen bet first, ggzzang was doubting, but at the end decided to call. Yeyebeen with A♠ kicker won the pot.


Giannis88 left the table, so Yeyebeen and ggzzang started heads-up. Ggzzang was pushing with his aggressive style, so yeyebeen keep on folding pre-flop giving an advantage to ggzzang. However, on the flop yeyebeen was winning every time. Either ggzzang was scared of yeyebeen’s fighting spirit or his cards were not good enough to continue fighting for the flop, however every time on the flop the player showed his weakness.

Both players continued their fight. Later on ggzzang went all in pre-flop with 3♥3♣, yeyebeen snap called with A♦J♦. Board 9♦7♥A♣K♦Q♦,


and yeyebeen won the Main Event. His unbelievable run made all the players surrendered.

This amazing win brought him ₵3,000,000 + WSOP Main Event ticket.


Congratulations to the Champion of a Fortune


Red Series Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/red-series/