Greeting winter with poker tournaments

Leaves are falling and it is getting colder and colder.

I enjoyed watching all red and yellow leaves, but it is so sad that the autumn has gone already… 🙁

Since I hate cold, I’m locking myself in home and play StarCraft and J88Poker these days.

It’s kind of stuffy to be just in home, but thanks to the J88 tournaments that happens every day, I can spend the long days with fun.

As not only there are freerolls all the time, but also there are big big tournaments in every weekend, I’m trying to participate in as many tournaments as possible.


I hadn’t been able to even finish in the money, but finally in last week’s 888,888 GTD big tournament! I went in to the final table! Spent a happy and pleasant weekend 😀

More interesting thing was that I was in the final 3 players with my J88 teammate Justin Shin and it was very entertaining.

Why don’t you get through this winter with J88’s poker tournaments with me? 😉

Hope I can meet you in final tables~~