Greetings CBT Supporters.

First, we want to express our deep gratitude to our users. Thank you for supporting J88 Poker.
The known error items, updated information, maintenance notifications, notices, download link and the detail information of prizes including benefits, grading standard, information related to the items are available on the announcement of J88Poker home page (
When an error occurs, please check in the announcement first.

Once again, thanks for your help in improving our service, wish you could earn big prizes.


The Close Beta Test will start at 3pm on October 11,2017 and end at 12pm on October 22,2017 (CST).

Daily maintenance time  9:00am – 1:00pm (CST).

  • For server stabilization and catching any errors, we may perform a maintenance without notification at any time.


  • 1st place- 8th place: Tournament tickets worth ₵88,000 (USD 880 value)
  • 9th place-28th place: Tournament tickets worth ₵33,000 (USD 330 value)
  • 29th place-58th: Tournament tickets worth ₵11,000 (USD 110 value)
  • 59th place-88th place: Tournament tickets worth ₵8,000 (USD 88 value)

* You may not receive your prize when the email address you used for registration is different from the email address you gave us when applying for the CBT test. (Make sure the two mail addresses to be consistent)

Grading Standard:

  • Time you spend playing ring games – 1point/1hour(Poker, Omaha,OFC, Badugi)
  • Tournament scores – 1st place-10 points, 2nd-7 points, 3rd-5 points, Final Table-3 points, ITM-1 point
  • Number of tournament participation – 1 point/1 time
  • Providing error information – 1point/1 error


*In case multiple number of contestants have the same score, the contestant who has played more types of ring game will get priority.

*The prizes will be given to the email accounts when the service of regular version starts.

*If the email address registered for the game is different than the email address you received this email at, you will NOT be able to get the prize.

* All the given and earned chips during the CBT period and all the data will disappear after the period ends.

* ₵100,000 will be given for the test. If you are out of ₵rystal to play with, we will charge 300,000 ₵rystals once a day upon requesting via email ( You will not be able to purchase ₵rystals during the test period. The ₵rystal charge will occur two times a day at 11:00am and 4:00pm (CST). Additional ₵rystal recharge will also occur at that times.