Happy New Year to All

How are you starting the new 2018 guys?

I suffered from a bad cold this winter, but I’m doing better now.

Well, have you seen me playing on the Yiqipoker’s live streaming show?! It was so fun to meet our users closer by participating the show.


I have a fun and lucky (to me) hand that I want to share with you today.

It was a deep vs. deep situation in a 200/400 table. Me and the opponent both had more than 200BBs each, but I won the BIG pot by luckily making a straight.

See the images below for more detail about this exiting hand.

Hope you have a lucky week too:)!!

VivianIM: Raise to 1,000

Moorimtongil: Fold

alphago: Fold

yikan: Reraise to 4,000

JustinShin: Fold

VivianIM: Reraise to 12,200

yikan: Call

Flop: 9s Qh Js

yikan: Check

VivianIM: Bet 11,200

yikan: thinking…..

yikan: Raise to 25,200

VivianIM: was going to raise but called

Turn: 10h

yikan: check

VivianIM: All-in!

yikan: Called!

And the river is…!!!!!!

River: Qd

VivianIM Wins the BIGGGG pot!!