Holidays and CBT

From October 1st to 9th, Korea had long holidays including autumn festival and several Korean holidays. In the past, I used to play online poker games during times like Christmas and big holidays, but I took a rest and enjoyed free time with delicious foods this time:)

Now, I’m sufficiently recharged, so I guess I gotta work hard from now on!


This month, I will participate in ACOP and BPT in Macau.

ACOP is the biggest event in Asia, so I’m really looking forward to joining it. The events will be held from October 13th to 29th, and I’m planning to participate in 6 events.

BPT will be held from October 28th to November 1st, and I’m going to join the main event. All two events happen in Macau, so I will stay in Macau for about 1 month.


In addition, J88poker is about to open. This month actually. I will join J88 online tournaments whenever I have time, so come and play with me!


Also, I have joined the CBT event which has started since October 11th. There were many errors in the first day, but most of those were solved already, and it is going on well.

The interface and design are all very nicely done, and there are lots of functions that players need, so I heard that many of the supporters were very amazed.

You can still apply now, so apply fast and join!