The biggest J88 Poker freeroll ever, “₵500,000!”

The 2nd event that celebrates j88poker iOS version launch!!

Finally, the biggest j88poker freeroll tournament will start on Sunday, September 23rd at 20:00 (CST). 


J88poker is hosting the largest ₵500,000 (worth $5,000) freeroll ever to commemorate the launch of the iOS version.

The most important thing to note in this freeroll is that only 1,000 people will be served on the first come first serve base!

Please read below direction carefully because this tournament registration rule is different from other freerolls.

  1. Starting from Wednesday, September 12th, tickets will be sent to all users in sequence!
  2. Registering to a corresponding freeroll tournament with the ticket is required! (Available from Thursday, Sept. 20th)


What if I’m a new user?

Don’t worry!


1. Register in J88Poker and authenticate the account.
2. Play more than one game.
3. Do not create multi-accounts.

If you satisfy three conditions above, you can get a ticket.


Tickets will be sent to whoever become users of j88poker until Friday, September 21st. (the final tickets will only be delivered by Saturday, September 22nd though)

Caution!!  If the maximum number of 1,000 registrations reached before September 22nd, no more tickets will be issued.


Tournament registration will be start from Thursday, September 20th at 00:00 (CST).


Please do not forget that the limit of participants is first-come-first-served base 1,000 users!

Only 1,000 people can participate in the ₵500,000 Freeroll.


If you haven’t already joined J88 poker, sign up now!


iOS上线纪念免费赛 launching ₵500,000 Freeroll Detail:

Date: Sept. 23, 2018(Sunday) at 20:00(CST)

Starting Chips : ₵5,000

Prize pool : ₵500,000

Late registration time : 60 min

Blinds up time : 5 min

Max Player : 1000


Tournament Tickets can be found in

J88poker Mobile: Menu > Account > Tournament Tickets

J88poker PC: Account > Tournament Ticket