J88Poker October Tournament Schedule Change

J88 Poker has changed some tournament schedules in October to coordinate the J88 Poker Tour Taiwan, an offline tournament held in Taiwan from December 12, 2018 to December 16, 2018.


Online satellite tournaments will be held to provide tickets to J88 Poker Tour Taiwan’s main event.

On every Saturday and Sunday at 21:30 (CST), satellite tournaments will be held where ₵6,600 buy-in can win the main offline ‘₵66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K).’

‘J88PT Tournament Taiwan Qualifier(1 Ticket GTD)’ tournament, which can get a ‘₵6,600 J88PT Satellite Ticket’ with ₵1,100 buy-in and a ‘₵6,600 J88PT Satellite Ticket’ with ₵500 buy-in, will be held 3 times every day.  

There will also be a satellite which provides ₵1,100 ticket with ₵100 buy-in and a free-roll satellite where you can acquire ₵200 tickets and ₵ 500 tickets.


The following is the path to obtain tickets for the main event of J88Poker Tour Taiwan:

  1. ₵100 -> ₵1,100 -> ₵6,600 ->₵66K J88PT Ticket ( NTD 20K )
  2. Freeroll -> ₵500 -> ₵6,600 -> ₵66K J88PT Ticket ( NTD 20K )

You can earn J88 Poker Tour Taiwan Main Ticket with your skill.  We hope you will try!


There is a thing that you should be careful about.

Once you obtain a ‘₵6,600 J88PT Satellite Ticket’ from the ’J88PT巡回赛 Taiwan Qualifier (1 Ticket GTD)’ satellite,  it will be automatically registered.

You must check the tournament schedule in advance and must not miss the tournament.  

If it is difficult to play a game at registered time, you must cancel the registration and re-register for the ‘J88PT 巡回赛 Taiwan Satellite (1 Ticket GTD)’ satellite tournament that you want. 

When you obtain the ‘₵ 66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K)’ ticket, you can participate in the J88Poker Tour Taiwan main event but the ticket can not be converted to the same amount of crystal.


Users who have not yet experienced offline tournaments, and those who want to compete with world-class professional poker players, do not miss this opportunity!



October Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/all-tournaments/

J88Poker Tour Taiwan Information: https://j88poker.com/j88pt_taiwan/

Download link: https://j88poker.com/