J88PT Taiwan Main Event Ticket Usage Guide



[How to get Ticket]

You can register in the J88PT Taiwan Main Event by winning the ‘₵66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K)’ on the <J88PT 巡回赛 Taiwan Satellite> every saturday and sunday.

There are <J88PT巡回赛 Taiwan Qualifier> satellites with two different buy-ins: ₵500 and ₵1,100. The prize is a ticket for the <J88PT 巡回赛 Taiwan Satellite>.



[How to check the ticket ]

After winning the  ‘₵66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K)’, you should immediately confirm if your account has the ticket. If you do not receive the ticket, you can immediately send an email to support@j88poker.com.


Tournament Tickets can be found in

J88poker PC: Account > Tournament Tickets

J88poker Mobile: Menu > Account > Tournament Tickets


Please confirm your email address. After getting the  ‘₵66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K)’, you will receive a congratulatory email to the users’ J88Poker ID subscription email within 48 hours. If you want to change or confirm your email address, ask for support@j88poker.com



[How to Participate in a Main Event of J88Poker Tour]           

On the day of the main event, you should log in to the J88poker client with your mobile phone or computer, and show the‘₵66K J88PT Ticket (NTD 20K)’ to the J88poker’s staffs.

If you are unable to use your mobile phone, you can log in with the J88Poker’s official computer at CTP club and check out the tickets.

After the tickets are confirmed, you will play Main Event of J88PT and the used tickets will be immediately expired.

If you have several tickets, you can use them all. You can participate according to the rules of the Main Event of J88PT until the tickets are exhausted in the same way.

Tickets that have expired will never be used.




The tickets will be banned from being exchanged for crystals or cashes, and will be expired as soon as the Main Event of J88PT is over.

J88Poker is not responsible for any problems that occur when individuals transfer tickets, so users need to pay attention.


For another question, please contact to support@j88poker.com