Justin Shin became the runner up in Manila Megastack 9 Main Event

J88Poker Team Pro Justin Shin (Jae Wook Shin) got 2nd place in Manila Megastack 9 Main Event held from April 27th to May 6th.


Philippines has always been home ground for Justin. He usually stays in Manila and Macau to play poker, and philippines is the place where he won his first live tournament as well.


The main event held from May 4-6th, and 696 players joined the event.

Buy-in was ₱ 30,000(USD577), and prize pool was ₱18,228,240(USD350,797).


Justin finished Day 1b in eighth place with a huge stack of 309,000 and advanced to the main event final day.

Heads-up took just four hands to play out. In the last hand, Justin had AJ, and Meng, who won the event, had KJ.


Flop: T♠J♦7♦

Turn: J♣

It was good until here, but the river did not stand by Shin and gave Meng a full house to win.


River: K♠


Sadly, Justin missed the winning trophy and got ₱2,413,000(USD46,503) as 2nd place prize.


“It’s a little disappointing because I really wanted to go to Bahamas to play in the PokerStars Players Championship. Well I guess I can go back to Korea to feed my dog, Toto (laugh).” said Shin.


Justin Shin, who has built his poker career since 2012 and earned much popularity and fame in Asian region, joined Team J88 in 2017. Since then, Justin has played in many live tournaments and showed great results.