KnockOut Event in the “Jeju Red Dragon”

The buy-in of “JeJu RedDragon KnockOut Bounty Event”was KRW 400,000.

There were few starting chips and blinds-up was so fast. (25 minutes)

The average chips of final table were only 12bb and my chips were a little more than the average.


I found that the players on the table had a poor understanding of the hand range.

They folded too much and did fewer betting and also were weak in blinds protect.


It was a great chance for me.

I did an aggressive play and actively attacked the blinds.


It was when there were only four people left. I did all-in with my hand ‘A5s’, but the hand of big blind was ‘A4o’.

I only left 7bb chips after I lost against the big blind.


Then I got hand ‘A6o’ in big blind and called the small blind’s all-in.

After winning the hand against small blind, I doubled up my chips.


The most important hand was the chip leader did all-in in button position with hand ‘QKo’, and I called in big blind position with hand ‘A9o’ .

The window card opened on the board was ‘K’ and the second card was ‘A’. After winning this hand, I doubled up my chips and became the chip leader.


In heads-up, I did all-in with wide hand range.

My chips were nearly seven times more than my opponent.


My opponent was a careful player who comes from Mongolia.

His play was very conservative but he was forced to call my all-in with hand ‘T6o’.


My hand was ‘57o’ and the tournament ended with a ‘5’ dealt on the board!