Lesson from CPG


I didn’t get a good result from the CPG I played in this time. I played the main event twice, but couldn’t get to go to day 2. But I still want to share a hand and the experience with you.


When the blinds are 100 and 200, I had A♥Q♥ in the big blind. Middle position opened 450, button called and I 3-bet 1500. Both of the opponents called, and the flop went 10♣Q◆2♠.

As I bet 2,200, middle position called and the button folded. 5♦ came in, and I checked. At this moment, I observed his gesture and facial expression closely. He had about 10,000 chips, and it seemed like he is not sure if he should make a bet or not, continuously checking on his chips.

After a long deliberation, he bet 3,500. I had the feeling that he was waiting for a draw hand. So I went all-in, and he called. His hand was 9 J as I expected, and the river was 2♥. If I had just called, I wouldn’t have been able to get the best value.


I also joined a deep stack tournament which I think I am good at. However, after 3 levels, as I had folded continuously because I didn’t get any good hands, I only had few bbs left. Being ITM had gone down the drain as my AK lost to 38.

If you are in a good position, I think you can go all-in with a wider range of hands than you usually play with when you only have about 10 bbs left. Because, when you only have few bbs, your opponent, even opponents, will call your all-in with very random hands. Then the probability of getting a bad beat will be increased.



The next live tournament on the schedule is APT which will be held in Macau. I will also be waiting for you in J88Poker platform!