Macao Poker Cup

Asian Poker Cup is over. I was happy to meet another 2 J88 team pros, Vivian and Justi. It was a pity that I did not enter in the money in any of the three competitions I attended. The most notable thing I want to mention is HKD50000 buy-in NHL. I have benefited a lot through this event. Fighting over with superiors all over the world for ten hours, I learned a lot of things and also realized my shortage and gap.

Many poker players have questioned MPC event schedule this time including me as the HKD50000 event lasted until 4am while there was another event starting at 7am. The main event day 1 C group ended at 3am while day2 started from 12am. So many players felt really tired, and I realized that I should pay more attention to my health as being healthy is the important factor to a pro player. It is traditional Chinese New Year after MPC, I will take this period to adjust myself to the best and prepare for the competition in next month.

Did you attend the bankroll challenge event of our J88poker? I participated in it, I am about to finish the task, let’s challenge together!