March Flash Ranking Event Result

March Flash Ranking Event finished.

After fierce competition, all the winners are determined!


GOGO38, Pkerllam, YanJiu are ranked in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in both Flash Masters and Flash Lovers!

As they fall under both categories, based on the rules, GOGO38 and Pkerllam get 1st and 2nd place respectivley in Flash Master category. YanJiu gets first place in the Flash Lover category as the 1st place reward for Lover category is higher than 3rd place reward of Master.


As Yanjiu is removed from the master rank, yet123 gets the 3rd place in the master top 3, and gets ₵5,000 ticket package! 3 master players are excluded from the lover list.


Congratulations, all the winners!