Mini Bankroll Challenge Funny Episode

It’s been 10 days since the Mini Bankroll Challenge has started.

The mission is to maintain or double the original bankroll, and reach specific VIP Points during the event.

It means that if a challenger successes all the missions, he doesn’t need to use the challenge ID anymore, avoiding any risk losing bankroll. (We will give the reward based on the result checked on March 30th).


Interestingly, Challenge123 (FishJ) completed all the missions on March 13th! He doubled his bankroll only in 5 days and reached 20,000 VIP Points in 9 days. However, he might love his challenge ID so much, or be used to use the challenge ID. No.1 Ranker was disappeared in the next day! What happened!



24 players applied for the mini bankroll challenge until March 9th. 3 players doubled their bankroll and FishJ was ranked in 3rd place.



Competition for the first place has become fierce, but FishJ managed to make himself being the first place in 3 days. He needed only 3,645 more VIP Points to completed the advanced mission. All the challengers and players paid attention to him.



Finally, he completed all the missions in only 9 days! If things remain this way, FishJ could get 10K crystals and 10K tournament ticket package on the first week of April.


But, who would expect…



Where is Challenge 123? Where is FishJ??

We checked the system and found out that he lost 12,741 crystals in one day.

But, he still has a chance.

Let’s go for it, FishJ!


Challenge123(FishJ):“I can do it”

【Mini Bankroll Challenge Mission】