Mini Bankroll Event finished!

J88Poker offers a lot of fun events for the poker regulars. Bankroll challenges in which players can not only grind up their bankroll but also get huge prizes must always be attractive to poker fans.

As part of an incentive scheme, J88Poker has held a Mini Bankroll Challenge for the players who wish to try but with lighter budget and mission.

32 players applied to start the challenge and here are the winners!


There have been fun happenings over the last one month, while challengers have strived for victory. Here are some of the best stories.


Episode 1 – Real fighter FishJ

Earlier in the challenge period, Challenge123 (FishJ) completed the advanced mission in only 9 days. However, he might have loved his challenge ID so much, or been used to use the challenge ID. The No.1 Ranker was disappeared in the list the next day! His remaining Crystal was only 1,383. But he didn’t give up, and succeeded brilliantly!


This user has continuously used this ID. He collected up to 13,552 then stopped when his crystal was down at 10,198 which was so close to the line between success and failure. (He redeemed all his GPs to make his bankroll over 10,000). He turned the ending the other way.


Episode 2 – Ideal challenger DUDU

Challenge104 (DUDU) who accomplished the second level, the intermediate mission, collected VIP points more than 10,000 by 29th of March which was just one day before the deadline of the event. He doubled up his bankroll in just 4 days since he has started the challenge, and has shown a constant upturn until now. He finished this challenge event most ideally collecting VIP points constantly.


Episode 3 – Tournament-winning strategy

Challenge102 (ironhead) and Challenge115 (Pkerllam) collected VIP points of 9,192 and 9,656 respectively (intermediate mission VIP point cut line: 10,000). But in the last day of challenge, they managed to pass the line and triumphed. It did not seem like Challenge102 (ironhead) would succeed until the 21st of March as he only had 1,137 Crystals. Yet, he steadily stack his bankroll up and came in 2nd at a heat as he won the 2nd place in the Red Hot tournament getting prize of 17,600 crystals. It was worth joining 102 tournaments.


Bankroll Challenge Season 2

Total of 7 challengers are getting huge prizes on top of the bankroll they’ve collected.

The new season of bankroll starts on April 2nd. If you have missed your chance last time, aim to win in J88Poker Bankroll Challenge Season 2. The event structure changes to more fun and exciting way, a race-base challenge where you can really compete with other challengers.

See this article for more information on Bankroll Challenge Season 2!