Next J88PT will take place in Shanghai from October 1st to October 6th.

It’s time to get a seat for J88PT Main Event  1,380,000RMB GTD now.
There are three ways to do it online.


The first one is the fastest — just play in [J88PT Shanghai Satellite].
It runs every Sunday at 20:45 (CST).
The guarantee is J88PT Package. (One Main Event Ticket and Hotel) The Buy-in is ₵11,000 crystals.


But if you have more time you can get it cheaper.
We’ve also scheduled [J88PT Shanghai Qualifier] for you.
They run every day, at 20:45(CST) Monday to Saturday and twice on Sunday at 18:45 (CST) and 19:30 (CST).
The buy-in is ₵1,100 crystals.


And the last way is actually FREE!
But it will take you more time, of course.
Just start your journey with [J88PT Shanghai Freeroll], two ₵1,100 tickets for J88PT Shanghai Qualifier are guaranteed.
These Freerolls are held every day at 19:30 (CST) Monday to Saturday and at 17:45 (CST) on Sunday.


Good luck to you!