J88PT Taiwan Online Satellites

Next J88PT will take place in Taipei from March 29th to April 3rd. It’s time to get a seat for J88PT Main Event NTD 5,000,000 GTD now, if you play in our online Satellites.



There are three ways to do it online.


The first one is the fastest just play in [J88PT Taiwan Satellite].

It runs every Sunday at 20:30 (CST).

The guarantee is one ticket to the J88PT Main Event. The Buy-in is 9,000 crystals.


But if you have more time you can get it cheaper.

We’ve also scheduled [J88PT Taiwan Qualifier] for you.

They run every day, at 20:30(CST) Monday to Saturday and twice on Sunday at 17:45 (CST) and 18:30 (CST).

The buy-in is 1,100 crystals.


And the last way is actually FREE!

But it will take you more time, of course.

Just start your journey with [J88PT Taiwan Freeroll], three 1,100 tickets for J88PT Taiwan Qualifier are guaranteed.

These Freerolls are held every day at 19:30 (CST) Monday to Saturday and at 16:00 (CST) on Sunday.


Good luck to you!