Progressive OFC


Open Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is a variant of regular Chinese poker.

J88Poker offers Progressive OFC!


Two or three players can enjoy OFC poker in one table.

Each player must use 13 cards into 3 hands ‘Top’, ‘Middle’, Bottom’.

There are no betting rounds during the play.

Instead, the game is scored in points.


OFC is played with a dealer button.

The player to the left of the button acts first, and the action moves clockwise.

Once a player completes his or her turn, the other player can see the arrangement, and the next player starts his/her own arrangement.


After the first turn, there continues 4 more rounds.

Players get 3 cards and must use only 2 cards, and discard 1 card.

Once you place the cards and complete your turn, you can’t move the cards to a different row later. There are no take-backs.


Now, you have mastered the basic rule!

You can start playing the game without knowing all of the scoring details right away and learn as you go.


OFC is played per point, so scoring of the final hands is done on a point basis.

The most common OFC scoring bonus is the “scoop bonus.”

If you beat an opponent’s top, middle, and bottom, you win an additional three points.


The first objective of OFC is to make a ‘qualifying’ hand.

The bottom hand must be at least as good as the middle hand, and that the middle hand must be at least as good as the top hand.

If your hand has failed to qualify, then your top, middle, and bottom are all marked as zero.


Bonuses for bottom-row hands range from +2 for a straight to +25 for a royal flush.

Middle bonuses start with +2 for three-of-a-kind, going up to +50 for a royal flush.


Bonuses for the top hand start with +1 for a pair of sixes and then increase from there.


Fantasyland is a special bonus awarded to players.

How to make it? It’s easy! Make a qualifying hand with QQ or better on the top.


Depending on the hand ranking of the top, players can get up to 17 cards.

Players in fantasyland sets their card face down until other players complete all the rounds.


However, when you go to consecutive FantasyLand, you will get only 14 cards.

Enjoy the tables!