Photo shoot and My plan

There are many players who don’t participate in ACOP at all as they think ACOP has low values due to many of its characteristics.

Especially, as the number of events has increased this year, players are all dispersed that fields got smaller and tougher. I might have to think about participating in next year. Rather, playing in live tournaments in Europe with similar buy-ins might be better as the fields are way bigger and soft.

Meanwhile, I find the BPT the softest tournament on earth that I will definitely play there again in the future if possible.

Now I’m back in Korea. I actually had a photo shoot schedule few days ago with another J88Poker Team Pro, Vivian Im.

One of the things that have been changed as I have been playing poker is that I lost many of my facial expressions because I need to maintain impassive impression during play. So I worried very much for the photo shoot, but I guess some of my facial expressions have returned (?) during the long photo shoot. Lol

I had to change clothes many times and had to shoot for a long time, but it’s good that we finished it successfully.

I will be headed to Sanya for WPT soon. It’s my first time to play in tournaments in Sanya, so I’m very excited. After that, I’m gonna go back to Macau to play in Suncity Cup and APT, and finish the live tournament schedule for this year and enjoy J88 online.

Meet me in J88Poker~~