Once again we are here to tell you a story about the final table of our biggest tournament Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 that is held every Sunday. The tempo of the final table was quite fast as there were many players with short stacks.

It started with Boss pushing all-in with Q♣J♠ in the UTG position and he was raised all-in by CO chroendo with A♠2♠. Boss won the hand as Q♣ and J♠ fell on the flop giving him two pairs. Short-stack players quickly dropped out, and then the atmosphere suddenly changed to a really cautious one when there were four players left kakrrueQQ, Boss, haimodka, Malvir. Haimodka opened from CO and Malvir called from the Button. Flop A♥Q♠T♣, haimodka checked Malvir bet and haimodka calls easily with A♣T♦.


Turn 4♦ didn’t change the situation, so haimodka checked again. Malvir pushed all in, after 5 seconds of hard thinking haimodka called. Malvir showed Q♦7♦, then 3♦ dropped on the river and haimodka won with 2 pairs.


KakarrueQQ left the table later on as he lost an all-in against Boss, both players had a pair of Kings, the kicker decided the winner.

So haimodka and Boss were left in the heads-up, both players were very tight that made the heads-up last long.

As Boss style was a little bit more aggressive, haimodka started to lose chips little by little. But soon the situation turned around as haimodka hit a set of 5s.

Later on the chip balance changed once again when haimodka called a big bet on the pre-flop with A♥J♠, Boss had Q♥J♣ and Q♠ on the flop got him a pair.


The fierce battle continued, haimodka seemed to be squeezed by the Boss’s aggressive attack. At last haimodka was caught in a situation when all-in with Q♦7♦ was the only option, and it was really unlucky because Boss got A♦J♥ on that hand.

The flop already left no chance for haimodka as Boss got A♣, and then J♠ on the river even gave Boss the second pair. That’s how the tournament ended.


Boss became the Champion of the Ultra Red ₵1,200,000 GTD tournament and got ₵332,800 as a prize.




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