Postscript of WPT

After WPT Sanya was over, I couldn’t’ calm down for a long time. There was 888 people joined the event and I placed 16th. I felt regret but I want to say I have already did my best.

Unfortunately, at the same time, I also summed up a lot. During the event, saying “stay alive” to myself was the most important thing. In other words, no matter how many chips you have left, you cannot give up as long as you are on the court. When I entered day2, only 12 bb were left. This time I must not be in a hurry and wait for a chance patiently. The structure of the competition was very good. The blind up time was one hour, and the blind was also very much in detail, so the possibility to be eliminated was very high.

I did not make any mistake this time. Though, my last hand, I felt a bit anxious. How would you deal with it if you were me? I only had 13 bb, my big blind 66, fold, moved to button and opened, small blind chip leader went all-in after a short thought. This time I think the small blind had ace high cards, but I couldn’t determine button’s card power, so I chose to go all in. Button folded A9, and the small blind was A10, but fate still did not favor me. Flop A. Maybe I should have folded 66.

After this event, I am taking a long time to adjust, preparing for this year’s most anticipated event, WSOP-China Sanya. Can’t wait!