The best present one can hope for is to spend time together and we can’t wait to celebrate this Christmas with you. So, make yourself cozy, get some hot choco and wait a bit, cause Santa is right around the corner with a big red bag full of presents! 


He will come on December 24th at 22:00 (CST) together with Merry Christmas ₵122,500 GTD tournament!

The Champion will get guaranteed ₵88,000!


How to participate?


Ho Ho Ho It’s very easy! 


Buy-in is only ₵100 and everyone is welcome!

However, Santa will start giving presents before the event to those who tag 2 friends and write ‘Merry Christmas’ to them in the comments of our Christmas event post on Facebook. The first 88 players will get tickets ^^


Let’s make a huge remember-forever-and-ever Christmas party together!