Re-buy Add-on Tournament


Most tournaments J88 poker offer are freezeouts where players have no opportunity to re-enter the tournament once eliminated.

But, “Re-buy Add-on” Tournament is different!

Let’s learn about “Re-buy Add-on” Tournament now!


In Re-buy Add-on Tournament, players are allowed to add more chips to a table.


If your chip count is lower or equal to the amount of “starting chips”, a Re-buy window will appear! Just click on it!!

In addition, you can get twice as much of the starting chip of“starting chips” by paying “Re-buy fee X2” only when you run out of chips completely. It’s called “Double Re-buy“.

Once they re-buy and/or add-on times are over, you’re in freeze out.


Don’t forget!

Add-on is the last, and the biggest chance to have big stack


Easy peasy! enjoy the game