Every Sunday we hold the biggest tournament of the week – Ultra Red ₵1,200,000.

This time the tournament saw 153 entries that enlarged the prize pool up to ₵1,224,000.


Today, we have an amazing story to tell you about an amazing comeback at the final table!

When the final started, the chip leader, Monkeymonk was far ahead, and the hero of our story, TaintedOne was short of chips and it seemed that he would have to leave the table very soon.

However, right in the beginning he got K♥K♦ in the UTG position and won all in against VivaVoL’s T♣T♠. Even though the beginning was quite smooth for TaintedOne, it was still very hard to go up.

Because of the Monkeymonk, who monopolized most of the chips, the atmosphere at the table was rather cautious, and the pot continued going to Monkeymonk’s hands.

Six players were left at the table, TaintedOne continued little by little building his stack. He opened with 7♥7♦ from the CO position and only KSTCshinez in SB called.


The flop showed 3♦T♦2♥, both players checked, turn 7♠ gave a set to TaintedOne. KSTCshinez bet first, TaintedOne immediately re-raised. Not waiting long KSTCshinez pushed all in, and TaintedOne snapcalled.

KSTCshinez showed K♣7♣, no card could help him on the river, and TaintedOne doubled up. His stack was getting closer and closer to the chip leaders.


His solid play paid off and brought him to Heads-up against Criserans. Both players’ style was quite tight. Criserans opened, TaintedOne called with T♣T♠. Flop 9♣2♥8♦. Criserans C-bet, TaintedOne pushed all in.

Criserans called with A♠K♣ without worries… Turn 8♠, river 3♦ – the fortune was on the side of TaintedOne.


Criserans, left with a short stack, played tight until the end. He pushed all in with A♦J♠ and less than 3BB left,

TaintedOne called with Q♠8♥. 8 on the flop gave the victory to TaintedOne and the tournament was over.


TaintedOne, who thrilled everyone with a combination of his talent and luck, became the Champion of the Ultra Red and got 318,240 prize.


Red Series Tournament Schedule: https://j88poker.com/red-series/