The last chance to receive ₵500 crystals!!

On August 23, J88 poker finally started the iOS version service and an event that giveaways ₵500 crystals for users.

The event, which is given to 1,000 first-come-first-served people, has already surpassed 500!


You can also get this 500 crystals in a very simple way.


First, prepare an ios device.

Second, install j88poker on the ios device and participate in game!!


Devices of your friends’ or parents’?  Any cell phones are OK as long as they are iOS devices.


A fun event for users at global online poker platform of J88Poker😀

Be in 1,000 lucky people who receive ₵500 crystals before it’s too late!  Hurry up! Now!


The iOS version can be downloaded by accessing the following homepage address:

Download Link:



※ CAUTION : You may be excluded from the event if you commit or are engaged in any fraudulent activities.